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Interested in Coaching in 2019?

Coaches are strongly supported throughout the year by the development officer and the club. Coaches will receive mentoring from higher level coaches, be provided with development workshops and upskilled through accreditation and specialist courses. Costs for these workshops and courses are covered by our gold sponsorship agreement. In 2019 we will have approximately 25 teams which means there is a requirement for 25 head and assistant coaches as well as opportunities for 25 players to take on a learning position with a team as an apprentice coach. Head coaches are required to plan and implement effective training plans on Wednesday evenings and actively coach their team on a Saturday. They are also required to manage their support team of assistant and/or apprentice coach. Coaches must have at least their foundation coaching accreditation and be willing to work towards their development and or intermediate accreditation. Assistant coaches are required to support the head coach as required. Assistant coaches may be expected to work with a small group at a training session and provide feedback to the group on Saturdays. Assistant coaches must have their foundation coaching accreditation (or complete it prior to the start of the season). Apprentice coaches are learning roles where they are mentored by a head coach. They are required to attend all training sessions and games. Apprentice coaches must be
willing to achieve the foundation coaching accreditation.


Coaching at Venetians

Venetians Netball Club is dedicated to providing development opportunities to all levels of coaches including those wanting to try coaching for the first time. New coaches are selected as assistant coaches and work closely with a head coach for the first year at the club. After this point, they can then go on to become a head coach or can continue their development as an assistant coach if necessary.
As a coach you at Venetians Netball Club you will have access to The Netball Coach subscription and have accreditation costs covered as you work through the Netball Australia coaching pathway.
We are very fortunate to have some great sponsors on board supporting the development of coaches which opens up opportunities to attend coaching workshops like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and Coaches in the Field.


Coaching Development

As a coach at Venetians Netball Club you are encouraged to progress through the Netball Australia coaching pathway (below). We have supported many coaches through the foundation, development, intermediate and advanced levels and continue to offer this in 2018. More information on the coaching pathway can be found at on Netball WA.

Coaching Pathway Diagram


Coaches at Venetians

All coaches are enthusiastic and dedicated to their coaching and are developed through the Netball Australia accreditation program. They follow the development plan outlined by the club and work to the individual needs of the team. All coaches hold a minimum of a Foundation coaching accreditation. Our coaches are mentored by the club head coaches through an ongoing program that is committed to the development of our players through upskilling our coaches to stay in touch with advances in the sport. If you want to get in touch with our coaching team or have any questions, get in contact with us today.

Head Coaches
Kylie Pougnault

Kylie is an experienced coach who is working towards her Advanced accreditation. Kylie coaches with Association and Regional programs such as TACT and Academy and was the Head Coach of Team 1 for the West Coast Netball Region in 2017.

Jennifer Vile

Jen is an Advanced level coach who has been coaching for many years and is also an Assistant Coach with the West Coast Warriors. Jen has coached with the Reserves team at Warriors for 2 years and has also been the Head Coach of the 18s.

Sian Geldenhuys

Sian has recently achieved her Advanced accreditation and was the Assistant Coach with the West Coast Warriors 18s team who compete in the Western Australian Netball League. Sian also coaches in Association and Regional programs committed to the development of junior athletes.