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Interested in being a scorer or timer for the Venetians Netball Club? We’re always looking for parents, friends and family willing to help the club. Please feel free to contact us with your expression of interest and availability, any help is greatly appriciated.

Before the game

The first mentioned team provides the scorecard and the scorer, the second mentioned team provides the timing device and the person to time.
Introduce yourselves! You are part of the court officials and must sit or stand together on the “S” and “T” markings on the sideline.

Scorer’s Responsibility

  • It’s the scorer’s job to fill in the information required at the top of the scorecard, such as the team’s club, date, and grade.
  • Keeping an accurate record of goals scored by putting a cross on the numbered square as a goal is scored.
  • Keep an accurate record of the centre passes.
  • Each quarter you must update your players and their positions for that quarter.
  • Immediately after the game ensure both umpires and captains sign the scorecard.
  • All sections of the scorecard are to be correctly filled in before handing in to match office.
  • Fines will be issued for incomplete, incorrect or late scorecards.


Timers Responsibility

  • Monitor quarter lengths and break times
    • Junior and open: 4 x 15 min quarters with breaks of 3, 5 and 3 minutes.
  • Each quarter you must update your players and their positions.
  • Follow the umpire during the final 15 seconds of each quarter.
  • Let the umpire know when there are 30 seconds left in the break.
  • On occasion, the umpire will ask you to hold time during play due to injury, illness or a lost ball. Keep an ear out for when the umpire is ready to start the time again.
  • It is your responsibility to check that the scoring of a goal is done correctly.
  • Your captain and umpire to sign at the completion of the game.


  • Players playing up from a lower division are to be entered on the team list as well as on the back of the scorecard in the designated section.
    • The team number that they are playing up from (i.e: Rangers 7, Lorraine Ward), DOB and DIVISION they are playing up from.
  • SGV (Single game voucher) – For a fill-in player who is not permanently on the team. SGV players name to be listed on the TEAM LIST as well as the designated section on the back of the scorecard and must include an SGV number.
  • SGV voucher must be purchased before the game commences.
  • Please note that if the information above is not done then a fine will apply!


  • Being on the scorecard does not constitute playing a game. The player must have taken the court and have a playing position recorded next to their name to have been deemed as playing.
  • Please ensure the card is neat and legible.
  • We are happy to have names of captains and umpires printed as it is easier to read.
  • The scoring team is responsible for handing in the scorecard.
  • If there is an asterisk * next to the name on the scorecard then there is an issue in mynetball.
  • The scorer and timer should be older than 18, be the same person throughout the game, and not be a player on the team.
  • Sometimes the umpire will stop play but not stop time. Keep watch for if they indicate to you or use the ‘time’ hand signal, as this will mean that they want you to hold time. Please bear in mind that less experienced umpires may not use this signal yet, so play it by ear!


  • There should not be any disputes as the scorer and timer are working together and are helping each other.
  • WDNA will not enter into “incorrect scorecards” arguments.
  • The centre pass is a reminder and it is up to the umpire to indicate the centre pass.
  • Never change the score to match the centre pass.
  • The WDNA scorecard is an official document and as such clubs will be penalized if it is discovered that information provided is incorrect.
  • Please set a good example and expect the same from those around you.

Thank you to all the scorers and timers and we hope these instructions will assist you in the role.

Example of a Scorecard

Click on the images below to view a bigger picture.

Unsure of anything?

It is okay to ask your umpire or experienced parent on game day if you have any questions regarding scoring.
Feel free to contact our Umpiring Coordinator to have your questions answered or check our FAQ for questions we can answer before the day.