11 Venetians teams to compete this weekend in the grand final!

The club is very excited to have 11 teams playing this weekend in the grand final. It is an enormous achievement given the shortened season, well done to all. There are some important reminders for this weekend. Please read below.


o Please ensure the goal post pads are disinfected prior to the game.

o Please maintain 1.5m social distancing on the side lines.

o Only 10 people are permitted on each sideline (this includes the team manager, coaches and any injured players). 

o No siblings are permitted to watch games unless they have been allocated a spot as a spectator.

o Entry into the courts will be through gate 2 only. Exit through gate 4 only.

o Entry gates will be locked 10 minutes after each time slot has commenced and will not be re-opened for any late comers. 


Friday 18th September (grand final)

6.00pm - 13 & under

Saturday 19th September

8.30am - 12 & under

10.00am - 15 & under

11.30pm - 18 & under

1.00pm - open (even divisions)

3.00pm - open (odd divisions) à please note change of time*

*The change of time is to allow for drawn games and over time.


Unfortunately, WDNA does not have the capacity to allow more spectators during finals. The reason being that the state government and local government (City of Wanneroo) have clearly stipulated that social distancing must remain in place during phase 4. This means spectators and officials must be spaced apart 1.5m along the sideline. Spectators must remain on the sidelines and are not permitted to sit or stand on limestone walls, grassed areas, by the fence on the goal line or covered shelters. The number of spectators will remain at 10 people per side line for the finals series. This number includes coaches, the manager and injured players. Each manager will be using a randomiser to determine which parents will be allocated a spot during the finals.

All games have been fixtured on courts 1 – 27. Games will be fixtured along courts closest to the boundary where possible. There is still a requirement for an empty court between games. Spectators are permitted to watch from outside the fence. Please use the court map below to determine the closest fence line to your court.

A spectator list will be submitted to the club (and WDNA) for finals and only those on the list will be permitted to be court side. Anyone not on the list will be asked to leave. 


The coach has rotated all players equally throughout the season to ensure fair court time. During finals, the coach will play the best combination/s of players on the day. All players will take the court for at least ONE quarter in each final. 


· All presentations will be straight after each timeslot. These will be done on the veranda.

· Winning teams to line up on court 5 or 6 behind marked areas.

· Spectators to remain behind the yellow lines on side of courts 5 and 6 during presentations.

· 1 representative from each club to collect medals and pennants. If the winner of MVP medal is in attendance they may collect their medal.

· Representatives and MVPs are asked to enter the veranda area via the stairs near the First Aid building, collect their medals and exit via the stairs in front of the clubrooms and then exit through Gate 4.


Teams are asked to exit the complex at the completion of the game due to the get in/get out policy set by Netball WA. The club will have a gazebo set up on the cricket oval with our banners for photos and celebrations. You are welcome to bring some snacks and cool drinks to have after the game in this area.


Our Sponsor The Woodvale Reception Centre have organised an area for the club to celebrate after the last open game. The area is booked from 4.30 – 7.00pm. All are welcome to join and those playing in the 3pm time slot can come straight from their game in their dresses (with medals hopefully!).

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