Volunteering - The Venetians Way

Venetians Netball Club values the contributions of all members and we have set a goal in our strategic plan to build a culture of volunteering. In a recent survey, 40% of members indicated they had volunteered in some way during their membership and of those who indicated that they hadn't volunteered, 90% said they would be happy to volunteer in the future. We would like to encourage those that don't already volunteer to look at getting involved so that we can increase the percentage of players volunteering to 60% and also have 50% of parents volunteering in some way, shape or form.


The biggest barrier for members who do not volunteer is not knowing what roles are available to them and not having time. We have decided to break down the roles that are available to our members so that they are better understood and more accessible. The roles available are listed below and we expect this list to grow as we continue to break down the many jobs and activities that the club is involved in. The roles all come with a position description and list the estimated time commitment. These roles can also be shared between multiple members. 

We want our members to feel empowered and do not expect anyone taking on these roles to be experts from the start. Every position is strongly supported by the committee who will provide guidance and advice along the way. Please have a read and click on any that you think are interesting to have a read of the position description. If you are interest in a position or assisting with any of the below please get in touch by emailing the club at info@venetiansnetballclub.com.au 


Age Group Lead Coach

Team Manager

Carnivals Coordinator

Community Recruitment Coordinator

Culture and Leadership Coordinator

Equipment Coordinator

Fundraising Coordinator

Game Day Liaison Coordinator

Game Day Liasion

Media Coordinator

NetSetGO Coordinator

Newsletter Administrator

Non-training Teams Coordinator

Player Development Coordinator

Player Leadership Group

Player Pathway Coordinator

Social Event Coordinator

Social Media Coordinator

Umpiring Coordinator

Uniform Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Website Administrator

Other ways to give back to your club

Giving back to your club comes in all different shapes and sizes. We want to make volunteering an enjoyable experience for our members. If none of the roles above suited you or you do not think you have the time to fulfill any of those roles then please consider putting your name forward for the following jobs.

  • Assisting at an event as a helper (annual general meeting, season launch, quiz night, junior or senior mid-season event, trophy event etc)

  • Becoming a coach, assistant coach or apprentice coach

  • Becoming a manager for a training or non-training team

  • Baking for the annual cake stall

  • Help with distributing fundraising chocolates

  • Assist with grading (runners, helpers and graders)

  • Assist with club photos

If you would like to learn more about how you can help out the club please email info@venetiansnetballclub.com.au

Join the Committee

Joining any committee can seem overwhelming and daunting. However, this is not the case and it is actually a very rewarding commitment and can be alot of fun (just ask any of our current committee members). The club has established and fine-tuned the committee roles over 50 years and new members are very well supported by existing members and thorough documentation. There is a period of handover for all outgoing committee members to ensure the person taking over the role is adequately equiped for the season. 


If you have been wondering what it entails then please have a read of the different positions below and click on each for a more detailed explanation. 

There are some positions which have not received a nomination for 2021 so please consider one of these.


Responsible for the overall running of the club.  Chairs Committee, General and Annual Meetings.  Deals with any member queries.



This role is considered a learning position with a view to becoming President.  They assist with various project during the year and run our sponsorship program.


SECRETARY (no nomination for 2021)

Organises committee meeting, takes minutes of all meetings.  Works closely with President, and assists with other duties and other tasks as arising from meetings and committee business.  



Collection and banking of any monies due to the Club.  Payment of any bills incurred by the club.  Keeping of financial records.  Ideally suited to a person with excel or MYOB experience, but not essential.



Collection and maintenance of member records including registration (via MyNetball) and code of conduct forms. Assists with WDNA registration. Works closely with Secretary and Treasurer.


Responsible for record keeping, maintenance and distribution of equipment.



Responsible for distributing information to players regarding development opportunities and organisation of player clinics and Talent Development Squad. Responsible for preparation of club coaching manual, distributing information to coaches regarding development opportunities, liaising with coach and monitoring progress. This position has two different position descriptions and will ideally be shared with a second person (does not have to be a committee member). 



Responsible for organising all fundraising activities and collection of funds raised (to be handed to Treasurer). Responsible for organisation of Quiz Night and Trophy night in conjunction with committee and social event coordinator. 



The general committee member role is a learning role for first time committee members. It is ideal for those who want to get a feel for what it's like to be ona committee. It designed to utilise the specialities of the appointed member. At the moment the current members look after culture, game day and media.