Our Strategic Plan - 2021 and beyond


Venetians Netball Club has always been a proud, family-orientated club that has built a strong and rich history of success in netball. For many years we have provided the opportunity for everyone to participate in the game of netball by providing equal opportunities to the community through our effective management, support and development of the game. In 2019 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the club and as a committee we were given an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and successes of the club. 


It is now time for us to build on the foundation that has been established over the past 50 years and ensure the longevity of success for Venetians Netball Club for many more years to come. 


The committee has completed a comprehensive review of the club with the support and consultation from Sports Community. The purpose of the review was to collect information from all members and stakeholders through a series of meetings and surveys. The questions asked were designed to capture a complete picture of how our members and stakeholders perceived the club and ensured that all members had the opportunity to contribute to our strategic direction. The purpose of developing a strategic plan is to create a clear vision of what success means to the club and therefore establish a series of measurable goals to guide our decisions for the future.


- Sian Geldenhuys

Our Purpose

The club prides itself on finding a home for all netballers from the social participant to the elite athlete.

Our Vision

The club’s vision is to provide an opportunity for everyone to participate in the game of netball.

Our Mission

The club’s mission is to provide equal opportunities within the community by leading effective management, support and development within the spirit of the game.

Our Values


Our Goals


Build club culture through volunteer engagement opportunities - “The Venetians Way”

Enhance on court success - “The Venetians Spirit of Play”

Player Recruitment, Development & Retention

Coach Recruitment, Development & Retention

Umpire Recruitment, Development & Retention

Develop Social Initiatives to Improve Club Connectivity

Diversity & Inclusion

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