Strength and Conditioning with MH Performance

Many of you will already be aware of the strength and conditioning program that was offered to members aged 12 – 17 years old in 2020 with Mandy Hopper. In 2021, we welcome Mandy and MH Performance as a silver sponsor and we will be extending our strength and conditioning program further. 


For those who do not know of Mandy Hopper, she holds a Masters in Sport Science and is a certified strength and conditioning coach who specialises in netball strength and conditioning. She has been running a netball specific strength and conditioning program for 12 – 17 year old netball athletes for many years and assists athletes in improving performance whilst avoiding knee and ankle injuries. Each term Mandy has approximately 50 girls in the program who have drastically improved their lower body strength, power and speed. In fact, across the entire netball academy group virtually ALL of the girls are 100% injury free!

In addition, many have had results like…

·       Increased jump height

·       Improved running speed

·       Increased self-confidence on and off the court

·       Eliminated knee and ankle pain

·       Eradicated shin splints




















In 2021, there will be sessions held during pre-season training with Mandy to ensure our playing members (12& under – open) and coaches are educated about the importance of strength of conditioning. There will also be further opportunities to participate in a series of 10-week programs in her private facilities that is exclusive to Venetians members. The pre-season court sessions will be provided free of charge and the 10-week programs will be subsidised by the club.

There will be three programs in 2021; a preseason and two in-season programs. The programs will include a before screening session to determine the correct program for each athlete and will also involve re-testing athletes at the end of the program to measure their progress. Athletes will attend a 1-hour session once a week at the facility in Wangara. Athletes will have the option to participate in a pre-season program and two in-season programs (dates below). These will be run at the same time each week. A survey will be used to determine what days and times will available.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our president Sian Geldenhuys on 0400 438 230 or or if you would like more information on Mandy Hopper and her program please visit her website.


Testamoninals from our members


“I chose to join Mandy’s strength and conditioning program to improve my stamina, techniques and performance in my netball game. I didn’t really know what the strength and conditioning program would focus on when I signed up, but hoped it would make me a better all-round netballer. During the program, I learnt to develop strength in my arms and legs, balance myself, learn to land with control, improve my jump height and build stronger core strength. My whole body feels stronger! I can’t say what would be my favourite part, I enjoyed the whole thing! I am amazed at how my results improved over the first two terms. According to Mandy my movement competency increased by 33%! I feel more confident that I can now make reflex decisions on the court and know that my body is better equipped to handle the physical stresses! I have learnt how to jump and land with safer techniques and I feel I have improved in my energy levels from game start to finish. Now I’ve seen results and can feel how much I have improved with Mandy’s help and guidance, I know this is a program that works! Big thanks to Mandy Hopper and her team at MH Performance for all you have done for me so far!”



“I chose to join Mandy’s S&C program as I was constantly rolling my ankles before I started, so I wanted to strengthen them to prevent this. Whilst doing the S&C program I not only learnt about the ways I can

strengthen my ankles, but also about recovery, nutrition and proper exercise techniques. My favourite part about the program was that every time I attended a session the coaches made it such a fun place to be while we were learning a new skill and becoming stronger as athletes but also encouraging us every step of the way. Since completing the program, I can now land properly on my ankles with no pain, and my vertical jump height has increased by 7cm. I would definitely recommend the program to other people because it’s such a great place to learn new skills and become stronger while also having fun. I would also like to thank Venetians Netball Club for subsidising part of the cost for this amazing program and giving us this wonderful opportunity.”


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