Umpiring at Wanneroo Districts Netball Association

Venetians Netball Club encourages all members wishing to learn or develop their umpiring skills and WDNA provides many opportunities for all umpires to further their umpiring knowledge and gain practical experience. There are opportunities to suit all levels of umpiring from those who would like to earn some extra money on Saturday to those who would like to follow the Netball WA Pathway. 

Umpiring Options

Umpiring on a Saturday

  • Non Squad Umpire - for those who do not want to develop their skills further or do not require additional support. 

  • Green Shirt Umpiring Program - a practical umpiring course aimed at developing and training beginner umpires of all ages to ultimately attain their National C badge. The Green Shirt program runs twice a year, during the winter competition (February – September) and during the spring competition (October – December).

  • WDNA Umpiring Academy Squad - allows umpires of all abilities from the very beginner to the highly experienced to continue to develop their skill set once they have successfully completed the Green Shirt Program

For further umpiring information and enquiries contact WDNA.

Development opportunities
WDNA run a variety of development opportunities including clinics during the April and July school holidays and a variety of other workshops aimed at getting you started and furthering your skills.  
Information on these courses can be found on their website

Umpiring Opportunities at Venetians

Club Umpire Training

In addition to umpiring courses provided by WDNA and Netball WA, umpires can be upskilled during training and matches by senior umpires or umpire coaches which will include one-on-one feedback.

Umpire Pathway – Umpiring Accreditation

Before progressing to achieve any type of umpiring accreditation, all umpires must adhere to the umpire accreditation pathway that is standard for all netball umpires in Australia;

  1. Umpires must first gain practical experience and training where possible (recommended at least 2 years before attempting C Badge).

  2. Read and keep up to the date with the Official Rules of Netball.

  3. Complete the Rules of Netball Theory exam. This exam is online and is free to complete as many times as you wish. The exam is designed to test you on the basic rules of the game and you should be familiar with the Official Netball Rules before sitting the exam. This is ONE of TWO (2) pre-requites in obtaining your C Badge).

  4. Complete the Netball Foundation Course. This course is designed to provide you with the necessary skills to be an effective umpire including umpiring techniques and applying rules in action. This is the OTHER ONE of TWO (2) pre-requites in obtaining your C Badge).

  5. C Badge – In order to receive your C Badge, you need to complete three (3) steps;

    • Completion of the Rules of Netball Theory exam with a score of at least 80% or more.

    • Completion of the Netball Foundation Course.

    • Arrange with the club/umpire coordinator to get tested, the umpire coordinator will then arrange with WDNA a date for the official test.

  6. B Badge – In order to receive your B Badge, you will need to demonstrate you can umpire netball matches within the high performance area. WDNA will assist you in meeting all pre-requisites needed to obtain your B Badge or higher.

To view the Netball Australia Umpire Accreditation pathway, please click here.