Our Club

Our club welcomes all who are interested in the sport of netball; whether a player, umpire, coach or manager!
In 2020 we had 29 teams competing in Open, 18 & Under, 15 & Under, 13 & Under 12 & Under, 11 & Under and NetSetGO age groups. 

Our Vision

The club’s vision is to provide an opportunity for everyone to participate in the game of netball.

Our Mission

The club’s mission is to provide equal opportunities within the community by leading effective
management, support and development within the spirit of the game.

Our beginnings…

In 1969, our Club Patron, Margaret Witney and a group of friends played netball at Matthews Centre (now Perth). The uniform was a blue tunic that ended 4 inches above the knee. The team was successful in its first year and several others players wanted to join the team, as we were a team independent of schools.

As the club grew, a new and exciting uniform (for the 60’s) was designed.  The colours were vertical stripes of green, lilac, yellow, and with yellow knickers. A name for the new club couldn’t be decided, however a husband of one of the club members commented that the uniforms looked like outdoor canvas blinds (however he called them Venetian blinds).
So Venetians Netball Club was born, and the name became part of Netball history for the next 40 years up until today.

Read more about our history as described from Margaret Witney herself


Sian Geldenhuys


Ed Rennie

Vice President

Jessica Black


Cindy Meers


Linda Geldenhuys


Marija Dunn

Uniforms Officer

Sarah Evans

Umpire Coordinator

Shane Duncan

Equipment Officer

Chelsea Edwards

Fundraising Officer

Kahlea Horton-French

Development Officer

Katherine van der Merwe

Media Coordinator

Sarah McNamara

Culture and Leadership

Debbie Edwards

Game Day Liaison


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