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Introducing… our strategic plan!

After many months of planning, collecting data and meetings, we are excited to finally be sharing our strategic planning report with our members. I encourage all members to read through the document to get a feel for the direction that the club will be heading and for the culture we are trying to grow. We would like to acknowledge the contributions from our Patron and Life Member Trish Robinson, Zara Borrell, David and Haylee Klup, Jen Vile and Sarah McNamara. They worked closely with our president Sian Geldenhuys and Sports Community to put this report together.

We have highlighted some of the things that our members love about our club in our values such as inclusion, family, fun and friendship and have added values such as integrity, respect and development to support the growth and direction of the club. Our biggest priority which has been set as the first goal in the strategic plan is to build our club culture which we have called the venetian way. The venetian way is a culture where the club looks after its members and our members look after the club. We want to grow a culture of volunteering where members are not only members of the club but become an integral part of the club by taking on supporting roles. These roles come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to empower and align with our members with their available time and their expertise. These roles will be promoted during December and January and we ask our members to have a think about how they are going to support the club in 2021 prior to filling out the registration. The role descriptions will be available on our website in December and if you need more information you will be encouraged to speak to a committee member. If there is something you think you can do to support the club that isn’t listed then you are most definitely welcome to put forward your suggestions.

Our other goals focus on what we want to do to improve the experience for our members such as setting player and coach development strategies, measuring on court success and providing social initiatives to grow club connectivity. We also want to embrace and acknowledge the diversity and inclusivity of the club by developing a strategy for improvement.

We have also updated the organisation of the club structure which provides flexibility in the roles of the club. Outside of the core committee positions, we have not defined which positions will be committee roles. This allows individuals who want to join the committee to join in a capacity that suits their expertise or availability and it allows members to hold roles without the commitment of being on the committee. All positions are negotiable and can be shared. If you would like to know more about these positions please contact a committee member or email info@venetiansnetballclub.com.au.

We hope you enjoy reading the report and that it provides some excitement and anticipation for the 2021 season.

Venetians Strategic Report - Final 16Nov
Download • 5.01MB

You can find out more about our strategic plan here.

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