Spring starts this week!


Fixtures are available on mynetball - https://my.netball.com.au/

Umpire payments

Sarah Evans or Sian Geldenhuys will bring around 8 weeks’ worth of umpire payments on Wednesday evening to your court.

Equipment bags

Shane Duncan will be available on Wednesday evening. To collect your team bag please head to the storage building next to court 27.

Club contact

Sian Geldenhuys will be the contact during Spring and will be down at the courts for the duration of the season. Please contact her on 0400 438 230 if you need assistance.


We are still operating under Phase 4 restrictions. Please read and familiarise yourself with the following policies\

Entry/Exit Gates:

Gates will open 15 minutes prior to the commencement to the game.

Please remember to social distance at the gates.

It is recommended that your teams arrange to meet on the cricket oval and walk over together as a group.

Parents/guardians may walk their children onto the courts but must then leave immediately. Parents must wait outside the gates for their children at the conclusion of their games.

Courts 1 – 27; Entry is at Gate 2 and the Exit is Gate 4.

Courts 28 – 57; Enter at Gate 5 and Exit at Gate 6.

Ten minutes after commencement of the games, the gates will be closed and late comers will not be admitted.


Each team is permitted 5 spectators, this INCLUDES your scorer along with your Coach and Manager.

Players may be escorted to the court by their parent/guardian but they are not permitted to stay as a spectator.

It is the responsibility of the coach and manager to organise a roster.


All games will be centrally timed with 10 minute quarters.

Teams are still encouraged to have a score checker present in place of a timer.


Scorecards are still to be collected from the canteen window, the scoring team is responsible for collecting and returning the scorecard. In the case of a Bye vs Bye game, the team from the higher division is responsible for the scorecard collection.


There will be no canteen available during Spring.

WDNA Volunteer Roster

Venetians NC has been rostered on for the 25th of November and the following time slots have been allocated to a team. It is the team’s responsibility to provide a volunteer. The volunteer must report to the main match office at the start and end of the shift.

5.45 – 7.00pm – Venetians 8

5.45 – 7.00pm – Venetians 9

5.45 – 7.00pm – Venetians 10

5.45 – 7.00pm – Venetians 11

7.15 – 8.30pm – Venetians 1

7.15 – 8.30pm – Venetians 2

7.15 – 8.30pm – Venetians 3

7.15 – 8.30pm – Venetians 4

We are hoping that these restrictions will be able to be eased after 25th October if the State moves to Phase 5. Any abuse of our staff/volunteers/Board members WILL result in a ban from the complex for the remainder of the season - regardless of the restrictions being lifted.

Please direct all concerns towards our president Sian Geldenhuys and please do not contact the WDNA Offices.

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