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Grading is a busy time for the club and our process has been refined over the years by using feedback from our coaches, members and other external persons. We want it to be as fair as possible for all involved, regardless of whether you are a new or returning player. At each session we used experienced club graders and independent graders to make notes and recommendations each week. Following each physical grading session, our grading committee met to process these notes and recommendations as well as followed up with the graders and previous coaches when necessary. The grading committee was made up of Sian Geldenhuys (President), Kahlea Horton-French (Development Coordinator), Natasha Fay (Player Development Coordinator), Kylie Pougnault (Life Member and Coach) and Jaemie Duncan (Player and Coach). The club would like to thank these ladies for giving up their Friday nights for the past 3 weeks.

We would also like to thank our independent graders, Charmaine McMahon, Leesa Crammond and Deb Van Der Meer from Sorrento Saints, Tibbie and Gayle Galbraith from Perth Netball Association and Cherie Farnan from the WANL club; Souwest Jets.

We would also like to thank our club graders; Kylie Pougnault, Jeni Vile, Haylee Klup, David Klup, Natasha Fay, Jaemie Duncan, Olivia Duncan, Kayleigh Geldenhuys, Brooke Groth, Michelle Sharp, Alex Peeters, Jo Bassett, Liz Irwin, Sarah Sutton, Makenzie Ryniker, Jessica Tyrrell, Hannah Duncan, Olivia Jolley, Mikala Dinka, Kaitlyn Glossop, Anna Bate, Zara Borrell, Emma Cuzens, Donna Hudson, Michelle Rathe, Jade O’Brien, Sarah McNamara and Caroline Pastina.

This year’s grading has been particularly challenging because we have increased team numbers in some age groups and all age groups were very competitive. This is a credit to the hard work our coaches have been doing over the past few years to improve the standard of skills in the club. All players should be proud of their efforts over the past few weeks and we are confident in the decisions that have been made to ensure that all teams are well balanced.

Thank you to all our members for their patience and support during the grading period. It is now complete, and we have allocated all players to a team, with the exception of 18 & under.

18 & under players have been allocated to a squad and will train with this squad for the first session. This was decided as the fairest thing to do following some really competitive weeks at grading in this age group. Final teams will be decided by assessing players in a training environment and during match play at the end of the session. Teams will then be announced the following weekend.

Team lists for each age group are now available below (except NSG). Click on the relevant age group and look for your name. You will also find the details of your coaches and training time. Training court allocations will be made available next week.

​If your name does not appear in a team or you have any queries regarding the grading process, please email

Training commences on the 9th March. Please arrive 10 minutes early and make sure you sign in using the QR codes at the gate. You can read more information about training requirements and locations by clicking here. 


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